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Full management service for medium to large scale restaurants. Bringing technology into your business.

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Unparalleled reliability

Never goes down

No internet is required. Run your entire POS system on a local network. Not only is it much more secure and faster than cloud based systems, it ensures you never lose customers over a faulty internet connection.

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Do it all

Optimizing the workplace

Our tablet system aids waiters/waitresses in serving food while the Backoffice manages stock, menu items, and many more services to minimize the amoun to of time spent on routine tasks.

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What we do

Our Point of Sale service is simply an Android tablet based front-facing tool, coupled with our powerful Backoffice application, and a full on-site installation service to get all necessary hardware setup for you.

*We are currently in a closed beta stage, serving only a select number of restaurants to hone in on the most crucial of features.

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Front of the House

Easily take orders on tablets using our intuitive Android app

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Use our simple and fast web app to manage stock, make changes to your menus, and more

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We train your staff to quickly get them comfortable with the system

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Hardware and Setup

We provide all tablets and printers, as well as the network devices needed to setup your system

Point of Sale App

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Taking Orders

Simple Layout

Simple layout, customizable to your needs. Taking orders is intuitive and adapts well to many situations.


Made a mistake? Click on the live-preview of the order on the right and adjust items.

Menu Editor

Drag and drop, can be used directly on the Tablet, no need for a computer.

Kitchen interaction

Add special instructions to send to the kitchen with every order.

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Android compatibliity

Supports all android devices with up-to-date OS, including phones.


No need for cables, internal network includes a wireless router.

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Transactions and Customers

Transactions and split bills

Easily accept gift cards, house accounts, and split bills.


We support a select number of credit card payment solutions and are open to requests for specific ones.

Customer loyalty programs

Make it easier for recurring customers to pay and offer special discounts.

Meet the Team

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Web Architect

Graduated MIT class of 2013 with a double bachelors in Chem-E and Computer Science. Been involved with many web-based projects over the years. I work primarily on the development of our Symfony2 BackOffice app. Look me up on LinkedIn!

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Android Developer

Still in college down in Gainsville, Florida. Started developing Android apps in 2008 and built several cool ones since, check them out in the Google Play Store. Now spend a large amount of time developing our Android POS system.

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Sales and Management

Originally from Argentina, now living and working in Miami, I manage restaurants that use our system, as well as some that don't. Many restaurants in our area keep a close eye on our development and eagerly await our full release. I work with them so when the time comes, they can jump right into it.

About Us

The engineering team is composed of an Android developer working on the POS app and a web architect working on the BackOffice tool. The last member is our sales leader who manages the beta released restaurants using our system, as well as a few future customers without the system.

We're Hiring!


We're looking for a part-time coder who can work with our lead Android developer in the full development of the Android POS application. The idea is to work hard over the summer of 2015 and showcase the finished product to the rest of our eager restaurants, who are as excited as we are to see the system succeed! At that point, we would have the capital to expand our team and would be offering a full-time position to our new Android developer.

Email us your Resume and Cover Letter Download PDF details


  • Strong Android and Java skills

  • Experience writing libraries and RESTful APIs

  • Self-motivated and capable of working remotely

  • Start as soon as possible and work 15-20 hours a week

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*inquire about joining our closed beta program

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